GOLDEN LINES TRANSLATION, INC. was founded in 2014. Ever since, the company has earned tremendous industry growth and expertise as we serve various sectors and people from different walks of life. Thanks to our team of professional, certified, trained, experienced and native linguists, we have helped individuals, small businesses, corporations, institutions and not for profit organizations to carry out their projects and showcase their products all around the world. We cover translation of medical and healthcare; legal; engineering; agriculture; marketing and retail; banking and finance; website, software and app localization; information technology (IT) and many other fields.


Translation of legal, medical and other specialized fields demands accuracy and precision. It requires industry expertise within the field. Legal translation deals with the rendition of the language of the court of law, which has its unique terminology. The medical field deals with mental health, diseases, symptoms, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and other medical practices. Therefore, linguistic skills do not suffice to handle the need. We work with professional native translators who understand your language and culture and have industry expertise.


We cover translation services in various areas of expertise. Some of our fields of expertise are:


We specialize in insurance, finance, banking, and general business practices. We translate books, user guides, newsletters, journals, press releases, news articles, corporate documents and more. We help business owners to reach a larger market by engaging more customers.


We specialize in mental health and general medicine. We translate medical research texts, health care documents, patient forms, questionnaires, counselling materials, visit sessions, medical reports, public health policies, vaccination trial methodologies, clinical developments and more.


Like any other technical translation, legal documents require industry expertise and experience. This industry has its own specialized terminology. Laws vary from country to country and differ based on cultures. Unlike the general field, the translation of legal documents requires precision and accuracy.


We offer translation services of your documents for immigration, educational and legal purposes. These include marriage booklets, birth certificates, driver’s license, degrees and transcripts, resident and employment permits and more.


We can translate your documents either for both personal and corporate use. We translate personal development materials for use at home, school and work related to wellness, gardening, interior design and much more.


We translate your general documents into different languages for different purposes. These may be documents for general use at home, in the office, books, learning materials and more general resources for personal development.