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We are committed to offering our clients quality service and good value for money. Below is our service rates and factors that influence our pricing policy. Please note that our prices are exclusive of tax and vary from project to project. For more information, we encourage our clients to request a quote for their projects.

§ Translation: From Ȼ 20 per word

Various factors influence pricing. The volume of your work, the field of text, the language, the desired turnaround, the file format, etc. will determine the total cost of your project.

§ Interpretation: From $ 75 per hour

Depending on the language pair, subject matter, type of interpretation ranging from simultaneous, consecutive, over-the-phone, chuchotage, escort and more, prices for interpretation services will vary.

§ Localization: From Ȼ 25 per word

Pricing varies depending on the language combination and industry. While we handle your project professionally, our typical localization service fees are reasonably competitive.

§ Editing: From Ȼ 5 per word

Our editing rates depend on the language, the volume of work, the desired turnaround and the field of text.

§ Transcription: From $ 5 per minute

The same as translation and interpretation, transcription pricing is determined by different factors. For example, if you want your transcription project to be time-coded, it would be charged more than general transcription. Note that translation will be charged separately. If you need a quote for a combined service, please let us know in advance.

§ Transcreation: From $ 150 per page

Depending on the intended use of your project, translation, design and adaptation processes will be different.

§ Voice-over: From $ 250 per recording** 

The cost of your project will be determined by two factors. Voice-over services have different requirements depending on the intended use. Some of them are used for TV and radio commercials, video games and more advertising purposes. These ones require a certain level of perfection from the studio and can cost more. The efforts and cost invested in general voice-over services are different.

§ Desktop Publishing: From $ 100 per page

As a DTP service involves several steps, pricing will differ depending on which ones you need. Your project will be charged based on services including manuscript preparation, editing, page design and preparation, proofreading and printing.

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**Minimum charge