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Our Document Translation Services (DTS)

Our linguists are selected based on five requirements – certified, professional, trained, experienced and native of their target languages. That is why we deliver quality. We offer general document translation services and technical rendition in fields requiring a profound knowledge of industry terminology.


We translate your business materials. We specialize in insurance, finance, banking, and general business practices. We translate books, user guides, newsletters, journals, press releases, news articles, corporate documents and more. Are you a business owner and want to reach a larger market by engaging more customers? We are here to help you.


Like any other technical translation, legal documents require industry expertise and experience. This industry has its own specialized terminology. Laws vary from country to country and differ based on cultures. Unlike the general field, the translation of legal documents requires precision and accuracy.

The legal industry is highly specialized. Over the years, we have helped businesses, government institutions, not for profit organizations and individuals to scale their services. You can rely on our professional services because we translated court hearings, proceedings, legal documents, cases, articles of law, complaints, employment agreements, institutional assessments and more.


We specialize in mental health and general medical practices. We translate medical research resources, health care documents, patient forms, questionnaires, counselling training materials, visit sessions, medical reports, public health policies, vaccination trial methodologies, clinical developments and more.


We offer translation services of your documents for immigration, educational and legal purposes. These include marriage booklets, birth certificates, degrees and transcripts, resident and employment permits and more.


We offer translation services for other specialized fields. If you have documents related to engineering, automotive, aviation, mobile and computer technology, construction, civil engineering, electronics and telecommunication, software and hardware, solar and renewable energy, information technology, travel and tourism, maritime industry, culinary and hotel management, and so on, we would be pleased to help you.


We translate your general documents into different languages for different purposes. These may be documents for general use at home, in the office, books, learning materials and more general resources for personal development.

Our Supported Languages (SL)

Golden Lines offers Language Translation Services (LTS) from and into a number of African, European, Asian, North America and Latin American languages. We handle languages that are widely used locally and internationally. Please refer to the list of our supported languages and request a quote.